Who is that doggy?

Her name is Bambi and she is rescue from Himalayas.

I met Bambi in India, on my first day volunteering at Peepal Farm in 2015.

Peepal farm is vegan a stray animal recovery center located in the Himalayas, near Dharamsala.

She was weak, injured and still a puppy and only after a few weeks I realized that we had a bond.

(Though nowadays I wonder that might be that she just was so smart to realize that I will fall for her if she keeps on staring. )

Soon we started the adoption project that included some paperwork and vaccinations that Peepal farm was handling for me (and for that I´m super grateful) and after around 6 months I took her to Finland with me.

Bambi 2015:

Bambi 2018:

Peepal farm supports creative minds

Staying at the farm was great, there is work for all type of people and luckily also for creative minds that like to paint. So I walked the dogs, brushed them, pet them, worked at the kitchen, painted some walls and a kitchen door ( link ) and I really enjoyed every moment staying at the farm.

As they are vegan-friendly farm they also make some vegan products under a name Peepalfarm products. Yummy! They are actually using a colorful logo that I updated for them last summer!

Would you adopt a dog?

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