3 Finnish illustration artists that has left a mark on me

Illustrations are informative and can be very powerful. Especially to a person like me who as a kid read comics only because of the pictures and skipped the story because the pictures made me feel more than the words.

I’m a big fan of many type of arts but for some reason watercolor illustrations are my favorite. Watercolors are actually pretty versatile medium.

Something funny I’ve noticed.
There is some illustrations that I’ve seen as a kid that really have stayed in my mind just like a happy memory.

Think about it, art is powerful.

These 3 Finnish artists are not only illustrators but also, painters, story writers and interesting people with interesting life stories.

They all have something in common that inspires and motivates me, they all have their own very unique style and they have created a world, a truth that was developed over time.

I have often felt like I don’t know what is my style because I try different techniques and styles but but so have my 3 Finnish illustration artists! (patience Sonja ,patience…)

RUDOLF KOIVU 1890–1946

He was the less known for me as name but I’m running into his illustrations very often.

In my imagination the world he created is a world that no long exists, but was real to my Finnish ancestors.

The world he creates is a world where elves live among us and the stories are not just stories.

I also like the way he uses colors and his elf paintings were my favorites as a kid, I remember how I wanted to draw something like him but just couldn’t and still can’t.

See more of his amazing works here

Kuva: Rudolf Koivu / Kuninkaantytär kalliovuoressa / Wikipedia

TOVE JANSSON 1971–2001

I’m ashamed to admit but never I have finished any of her books..

..but her Moomin comic books I have read over and over again and also seen all the Moomin cartoons! Although the cartoons were actually redrawn by Japanese.. I was a huuuge Moomin fan as a kid, I was so mesmerized by the world she created that I dreamed of living in Moomin valley (maybe a bit more than a normal child would..).
The plants, forest, ocean, beach and the fact that as a Moomin I could sleep trough the winter.

Her ink drawings are my favorite and actually made a quick master study last year of her work.
(See the article picture)

See more of her work in here

Tämän kuvan alt-attribuutti on tyhjä; Tiedoston nimi on tove-jansson-1956b.jpg

Kuva: Reino Loppinen / Tove Jansson / Wikipedia


His work is just so unique!
Every Finn knows his books and the world he has created.

You open a page and immediately you eyes start to explore and find amazing and fun details.
Even my 2-year-old has already fun reading these books.

Many of his books are also history books and actually even Kalevala is our national epic, I would say that most of the Finns knows the story from Mauri Kunnas books..

He works with a pencil and watercolor with a such confidence that if I would start trying to make anything like he does I would over do it.

I just cant make things loose and make them still look so finished.

See his work in here

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