3 ways to support artists

Art of living, art of creating, art of happiness

There is many ways to support artists, designer’s and creative people.
More we support the art we enjoy more such art in the world will be.  Very simple.

Actually I don’t own much art, not on the walls at least. I support art and creativity in other ways – I wear art. Jewelry by local artists, tattoos made by artists, also I buy handcrafted soap, notebooks, textiles from Finnish brands for an example.
I have also books that are full of beautiful illustrations and stories that I enjoy reading with my 2-year-old son (and by myself)
But even books I don’t own many as in Finland libraries are free and very popular so we go together to borrow and return books every month.

When discovering a new talent who’s work you want to see more from this artists I advice to do one of the 3 following things to support the artist.
Also in the below I will list my current favorite female artist in Instagram to inspire you some more 🙂

Illustration for your blog, book or flyers for your business, social media, wall mural to your kids room or living room? Buy photos for your projects, artisan soap and handicrafts from local markets. Where there is people there is art.

2 years ago started to publish my work and I was horrified, I was showing my everything to the world, I was showing my wishes, my imperfections, my incompleteness, my passion and my true self. How the people I love will take it, how about the people that don’t know me so well? I was scared of taking this step.

But after a time people started to come to me and tell that they like my art. This was so new to me and still is. I have never experienced something like that. These people see my work, my deepest self and they think its beautiful!

For an artist this is very motivating!

Nowadays this is a big thing, maybe you are not much of an follower or don’t like to comment – but hear me now.

For creative people as artists and designers it actually matters.

Social media has these algorithms that calculate that posts will show up in on your feed.
Funny nonsense posts that makes people comment and share will succeed in that weird world of social media.
There is many tricks to reach more people but the best is to hit that like button to show the artist that you like and care and by doing that the artist will reach more people.

This actually works also in reverse.
“Where the attention goes the energy flows”
Ignoring post of an person, company or organization you don’t example ethically agree with means that the post will not reach as many people.
For example I ignore paid advertisements of big companies and social influencers that I don’t agree with.

I hope these 3 things made you think and inspired you to help creatives and  perhaps encouraged you to start your own creative project and posting your art!

Now here are the 3 female artists that I admire at the moment! 🙂

1. audraauclair

2. cafeinacoli

3. whatacolorgal

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