The secret ingredient

Recently was my birthday, my personal new year.

I’ve been getting deeper into creative flow lately. Experimenting, learning and connecting.
Must have something to do with the spring and the nightless nights.
But most likely it’s because now is the right time.

I often encourage my friends to “strike while the iron is hot”.
I don’t know from who did I pick up that phrase years ago but It’s the most accurate way to call that “Taking action when it’s the right time”-feeling.

Before this current creative flow, often when I was inspirated to create, I just couldn’t make anything.
I didn’t know how to get that creativity and visions manifested into the real world.

Sketches and doodles were messy and I rarely finished a piece.
All that energy was trapped in my body and mind and I end up frustrated time after time and that made me give up.

But I feel worried no more!
I have discovered the secret ingredient.

Devotion. That’s it.

Focusing my energy and being honest about how I feel.
By devotion, I mean mindful learning and creating myself a space to do so. Also being honest about what is distracting me and stopping me of doing what I truly and honestly want to.

I still suck sometimes and get lost, but less than before and not as badly as year ago or month ago.
And it’s ok, as it’s part of the process and the process is that I’m enjoying actually more than the outcome.

I hope the happiness that I’ve achieved shines through and inspires you to take your steps that are you are needing.
Feel free to follow my journey and share your experiences about how you live your creative life and what makes you feel free.

I celebrated my new cycle on this earth 1th of June by giving time for myself, setting goals and making this short video, hopefully you enjoy watching it as I enjoy making it.

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